Acoustic Guitar

Start basic

A great way to start. Simple and easy. Nothing else required.


Electric Guitar

Be a rockstar

Have fun! Learning a simple approach towards improving your skills.


Bass Guitar

Play it right

Bass players are in demand! Learn to read music and play in a band.


Music Theory

Step by step

Simple, broken down explanations of all aspects in music theory.


Aural Training

Hear it right

Be able to work out songs using nothing but your ears.


Girl playing guitarLessons for Primary students

Start with the absolute basics. With ½ and ¾ sized guitars, it’s never too early for primary students to begin. An early exposure to music leads to a more ingrained and natural interest throughout their childhood, and provides a solid foundation for further musical pursuits.

Lessons are made fun and entertaining, including games and basic rewards systems to encourage students to progress. Students learn to tune their guitar, have fun learning simple, well-known tunes from movies and nursery rhymes, and in some cases are introduced to reading very simple notation learning songs from a guitar method book.

Girl playing guitarLessons for Secondary students

Advancing beyond a primary music experience or when starting fresh, lessons for secondary students sometimes require a different and a more personalised approach. At this age, students are starting to become more responsible for their own learning, and are encouraged to develop the skills necessary to continue improving their playing.

Students have in most cases already begun to develop their own personal tastes in music, and often wish to learn music written by their favourite bands. This is catered for, as well as the student being given an introduction to ear-training and transcription, thus allowing them to become more proficient in their ability to figure own and learn new songs all on their own.

Girl playing guitarLessons for HSC students

By this stage, students are serious about their study of music and have chosen music as part of their HSC course. Whether as a step towards pursuing music professionally, perhaps in a tertiary capacity, a supplement to other subjects or as a further development of music as a hobby, the demands upon an HSC music student can be quite specific.

Students’ understanding of the requirements for the NSW HSC curriculum is tested, and they are guided along a path to meeting those requirements and achieving their absolute best in their examinations. This is also an age when students can be participating in or considering participating in a band or ensemble, and thus are prepared accordingly.


Girl playing guitarLessons for adults

Whether learning a completely new skill, or as a reacquaintance with an old hobby, adult students are encouraged to direct their lessons. Research has been suggested that learning a musical instrument can provide benefits in relieving stress, fine-motor dexterity, cognitive function and in the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease later in life.

Many adults have significant time constraints, and may not be able to dedicate as much of their time to an instrument as a younger person perhaps could. This is understood and lessons are very flexible in their content, direction, frequency and lesson time, to suit the individual.

You’ll learn. You’ll progress. You’ll have fun.

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