HSC Work Begins

2017 HSC Students Begin Work

As term 4 rolls around, the HSC students for next year will be commencing their studies. If they haven’t already, students who have chosen music as an elective at school will want to start thinking about their performance repertoire.

When I was studying, I found that the best performances I did were the ones that were well planned and thoroughly rehearsed. Especially if I was doing my own interpretation of a piece, as I did for my recital. Having a teacher dedicated to helping you develop your skills and performance is a sure way to improve your chances of better marks in school music.

In both the Music 1 and Music 2 HSC courses, doing a core performance is mandatory. The students may also choose as electives to do up to three additional performances.

Sometimes it can be helpful for HSC students to have a tutor/teacher to help them prepare – not just for putting their repertoire together, but also for all the other tasks that an HSC music student will face. As all students will be learning about composition, musicology and Aural, having an extracurricular teacher can help them to unpack and better understand the concepts learned in class.

Any students from schools around the Parramatta area in Sydney or anywhere close to Telopea (where I currently teach), feel free to contact me for some advice and assistance in getting the best marks you can in your HSC. I’ve experience in teaching senior students and have seen some great results from my students in the past.