Watch Brad play Eddie Harris on guitar

This is a video of me at home rehearsing an adaption of  jazz Sax player from the 50-60s, Eddie Harris‘ Freedom Jazz Dance” (a saxophone piece), that I did on guitar for an exam whilst I was studying at AIM.

The same as HSC Music 1 and HSC Music 2, when studying music (in my case guitar) at a tertiary level you have to do exams.

Sometimes choosing an appropriate song to perform can be difficult, especially when studying a topic you’re not familiar with. Quite often you’ll have to adapt the piece to suit your instrument.

This was a version that I arranged with a kind of funk feel. The main melody of the song (the head) uses a lot of 4th intervals, which although on saxophone may not pose a problem, can be rather difficult on guitar. You have to use ‘finger rolls’ over up to four different strings to get the notes to all sound clean and separate from one another.

The guitar solo on this version, I used a number of different scales, arpeggios, techniques in order to create the most different and interesting sounds that I could at the time.