Bryan Adams Guitar

Guess what song this is!

At the end of my performance degree I was studying at AIM (Australian Institute of Music), we were required to put together and perform a recital. This needed to be about 40 minutes in length and performed on our chosen instrument – in my case guitar. This was intended to represent the culmination of all that we had learned whilst studying, and each song we chose would ideally showcase our performance abilities.

For my recital, I wanted to do something different. So what I did was to take well known, or standard songs and arrange them using knowledge and techniques I’d picked up during my studies. Some of them I interpreted into a different genre, some I re-harmonised, some I changed their time signatures etc. The end result was a version that though could still be identified with the original song, had been changed (or “messed up”) enough as to be something completely different.

As the entire performance was recorded, I was able to obtain a copy of each of the tracks. This is a piece that I loosely titled “Season 6 Episode 9″…(hopefully obviously) an interpretation of good old Mr Bryan Adams’ Summer of 69.

With this one, I changed the genre to R&B and rewrote the harmony with jazz (chords). I also replaced the chorus section (originally a synth piano) into a simple guitar interlude each time.

Thanks to the talented Cass Greaves for her great vocal performance.